OmniChat Privacy Policy

  • This web site is located at and offers its visitors entertainment services for adults, hereinafter referred to as "Services". Since the success of our company is dependent on building and maintaining good relationships with our customers, we make every effort to ensure the privacy of those who using our services.

  • respects the privacy of all those who visit our website and use our services online. collects information about visitors OmniChat webcam chat. This Privacy Policy sets the rules of your interaction with OmniChat webcam chat. Except as provided in this privacy policy, we do not disclose information that could be used for identification OmniChat webcam chat visitors without their permission.

  • Please note that the from time to time is revising its rules on confidentiality, and thus, these rules are subject to change. Please note that content of this page is periodically updating, so you can learn about the updated rules of confidentiality. To contact the about privacy issues, to report a violation of our Privacy Policy or to raise any other issue, please contact us at “Contact” page gathers two types of information about users:

  • Information that cannot be used to identify you personally: When visitors come to our Web site, we collect and use information that indicates, among other things, which pages of your Web site to view, the order in which they are viewed and used in this reference.

  • Collecting such information involves the log record IP-address information about the operating system and Internet browser used by visitors OmniChat webcam chat. While this information cannot serve as identification, we can determine the IP-address on the Internet Service Provider and the geographic location of his or her point of connectivity.

Rules and Regulations of OmniChat

This regulation is addressed to all users who connect to the OmniChat chat. All those who use the chat must comply with the rules or they will be banned.

General rules:

  • Respect other users of the Chat (Do not insult, attack or annoy other users).

  • Do not send personal data of other Users (Phones, Facebook account and e-mail).

  • Do not perform Spam (Invitations to other sites or channels).

  • To use the Webcam must be over 18 Years (This is a chat for all ages, but the use of the Webcam is restricted).

  • Do not perform sexual or naked activities on the webcam while you are on a public channel (There are adult channels).

By following these simple rules we can maintain a pleasant atmosphere for everyone.